Mission Statement

The Villages Community Philharmonic Orchestra, Inc. began officially on October 15, 2003 to provide The Villages and its neighboring counties a unique opportunity to see and hear its own residents, young and old alike, perform the music of master composers from all eras.

In selecting Pasquale Valerio as its founding music director, a unique cultural opportunity for The Villages and its surrounding counties arose. Maestro Valerio brought that very warm and familiar Italian passion for expressing music from the heart; thus attracting both professional and amateur to his baton in the co-creation of music. Presently the VCPO includes Villager volunteers playing alongside professionals from surrounding symphony orchestras. Among the volunteers are several high school students, some of whom are students of Concertmaster Rosa Harrison. A few members of the orchestra represent the other end of the age spectrum.

In 2005, Pasquale organized The Villages Community Philharmonic Orchestra Chorale consisting of about 40 Villages residents. They have performed magnificently with the orchestra in the challenging works of Mozart's Requiem and Handel's Messiah. The artistry necessary for blending orchestra and chorale in such offerings is masterfully accomplished through Valerios faithful interpretation. It is their combined discipline of mind and passion of heart that conductor, musicians, and singers re-produce within their enthusiastic and appreciative audiences a stirring of the heart!

In brief, the mission of The Villages Community Philharmonic Orchestra is "Let us re-create the music of the Masters for appreciative listeners".